Friday, January 3, 2014

anti gay witchunt by the media

How did Queerty the gay news blog  decide that Aaron Rodgers  in spite of contrary claims by the  quarterback's Ex Assistant Kevin. 

Yesterday , disqualifying the gay assistants claim, the magazine posted a article talking about gay men who had make false bogus claim, presumably to suggest that the gay assistant Kevin Lanflisi was doing so....

Today Queerty went a step further and pontificated that the  the whole affair  was nothing but  gossip and a witch hunt of the so called straight man by a homosexual.(Queerty Judgement on the Aaron Rodgers controversy.) which brings us to the question,  does Queerty have an information leak that it is not sharing with all? Can they let us know how did they reached this conclusion?

Did Aaron and Kevin have a one time fling  and is this a case of a straight guy having sex with a gay guy? While we truly understand the complexity of human sexuality including the existence of straight men who choose to have consensual sex with other males, we are left wondering why Queerty refused to rightly classify Aaron Rodgers as a MSM ( men who sleep with other men ) instead of the straight male as he likes to pretend he is. MSM have sexual and social responsibilities which they might shrink from not to mention the immense damage they can have in the lives of gay men who get emotionally attached to them.  

Gay news portals have a responsibility towards the gay community and advance its causes and protect homosexuals. If  you are reading this please post in the comments section of the article, expressing your displeasure at this anti gay stance taken by this blog which apparently exists to forward the gay agenda!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Giant black muscle - black bodybuilder

brown wall?

In trying to navigate the gay (white) world as a brown/black guy who is exploring kink I have often run into ideas that are contarary to who i think of myself.

When people try to make contact and the issue of role comes up I tell them that I am a sub bottom, almost shocking them. As a brown/black boy I am often asked to be a slave instead of the sub that I am or a Top instead of the versitile bottom that I am. ...

THe Last thing i want to do in the bdsm world is misrepresent my spirit......

Wonder if anyone has run into similar or any other walls while trying to explore the kink world?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

14 November 2010

Thighs: 22
Calves: 14.5
Arms: 10.5
Chest: 35.25
Waist: 34.5
Neck: 15
Weight: 141