Monday, March 14, 2011

brown wall?

In trying to navigate the gay (white) world as a brown/black guy who is exploring kink I have often run into ideas that are contarary to who i think of myself.

When people try to make contact and the issue of role comes up I tell them that I am a sub bottom, almost shocking them. As a brown/black boy I am often asked to be a slave instead of the sub that I am or a Top instead of the versitile bottom that I am. ...

THe Last thing i want to do in the bdsm world is misrepresent my spirit......

Wonder if anyone has run into similar or any other walls while trying to explore the kink world?

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  1. It is clearly true that black/brown men are assumed to be tops/dominants in the BDSM community and even the gay community in general. Stereotyping like that is not healthy as it retards openness. It is good to see you are open about your submissive nature.

    But making fine distinctions between sub and slave is difficult and requires getting to know a person. The words do not even mean the same to all people. From your post, I take it you attach certain race play attributes to the word slave. And that is fine. But upon meeting you, I might not make that assumption, but rather that the word simply indicates a more complete devotion than sub.

    Keep speaking your truth and we will all grow.